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September 29, 2023

In February, we introduced a new Nylon Supported Rubber (NSR) Heat Exchanger on all Clarke C18H heat exchanger cooled engines.   The new NSR heat exchangers allow for easy serviceability with removable end caps to allow the copper tubes to be cleaned. In addition to our compact design, there are now castings which allow for us to ship a pre-installed zinc anode with a spin-on drain, helping to eliminate misplaced pieces during delivery.

Starting with shipments on October 2, 2023, any new orders entered by Clarke for a US produced DP6H, DQ6H, DR8H, DS0H, and DT2H dry Heat Exchanger cooled engine models will be provided with the new NSR (Nylon Supported Rubber) heat exchanger. Helping to assist with this component transition, by October 2nd, engine installation drawings on will be updated, which include changes to the raw water outlet location and the addition of service clearance dimensions.  We will also provide an updated Operations and Maintenance Manual for each engine series.   

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please call or e-mail us back.

For questions or concerns, please reference or contact your factory representative.