Start Up Submission Policy

Alarm Verification

Clarke service dealers provide timely and efficient engine start up services.  Pre-Approved dealers who provide this service at the request of an installing contractor or pump dealer can submit a start-up inspection claim for labor service.   In order to insure an efficient start-up inspection service, the engine must be prepared according to the Engine Installation and Pre-Start Up Checklist, prior to scheduling the service. 

For start-up inspection invoicing, dealers must follow the instructions below: 

  • Start-up Authorization must be requested from Clarke's Customer Support team prior to scheduling the service.  Dealers must provide an engine serial number to acquire a start-up authorization number. 
  • A Start-up Inspection Checklist must be submitted through this electronic form:  Clarke Start Up Inspection Checklist    
  • The Start-up Inspection Checklist must contain the full address where the engine is installed, which is required for the warranty registration process.   
  • Start-up invoices must be submitted within 60 days of completing the service and should be sent via email to:
  • Start-up inspection submissions must be completed within 24 months of engine sale invoice date.

For any questions or concerns regarding Clarke's Start-Up Submission Policy, please contact Clarke's customer support team at or call 513-475-FIRE. 

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