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Each Clarke product is carefully primed and painted to the highest standard before it leaves our facility. Before any painting or coating begins, the engine is solvent cleaned to remove all oil, grease, and other surface contaminants that could potentially hamper the coating process. Once cleaned, the engine is primed and properly coated to ensure maximum protection. Clarke offers a standard and an epoxy option for engines depending on the application. The environment where the engine will be housed is crucial to determine the correct paint and coatings.


Clarke's 135 Series Urethane Topcoat (RAL3001) is a staple to the Clarke brand and protects the base engine and its components.  Properly preparing, priming, and coating is crucial to the longevity of a fire pump driver.  The paint protects against rusting and corrosion, which could compromise the engine.   Each engine with the standard paint option is carefully primed and painted in house, ensuring its reliability.   Clarke's standard paint option is suitable for indoor applications that are in moderate environments and are not exposed to extreme elements. 

Optional Epoxy

EP210 2.1 VOC HB Epoxy Primer is used to prime and applied to the middle coat of all Clarke engines.   This epoxy primer is formulated to provide exceptional adhesion and corrosion resistance when faced with harsh weather environments.  Each coat is applied at 3.0-5.0 MILS DFT to ensure maximum protection to all engine components.  The Epoxy paint and coating option is intended, but not limited to, evasive environments such as coastal and humid climates.   Every Clarke application is finished with an RAL 3001 topcoat.  For the Epoxy option, a RAL 3001 Polyurethane topcoat is applied at 1.5-2.0 MILS DFT with 100% coverage to protect the engine against the elements.   

To learn more about Clarke's Standard Paint and Optional Epoxy coatings, open the full brochure below! 

Paint and Coatings Brochure


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