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Training Room

Our classroom and training lab is located at the Clarke Fire Protection Products Global headquarters at 100 Progress Place, Cincinnati, OH 45246. The working lab has a running mechanical injection and electronic injection engine with controllers. All training sessions blend classroom lecture with "hands-on" experience on live engines at the appropriate times.

Training session enrollment is completed online for the Application, Installation and Start-Up Service Class.   

Classes currently scheduled include: 

Tuesday9 Aug 202209:00-16:00
Tuesday6 Sep 202209:00-16:00
Tuesday4 Oct 202209:00-16:00
Tuesday8 Nov 202209:00-16:00
Tuesday14 Feb 202309:00-16:00
Tuesday14 Mar 202309:00-16:00
Tuesday11 Apr 202309:00-16:00
Tuesday9 May 202309:00-16:00


A Training Confirmation will be emailed to you as soon as Clarke's training manager verifies your enrollment. A payment link will also be included in the confirmation email.

Classes can be tailored to meet the specific needs of Clarke Fire Protection Products customers.   

For information about hotels, transportation, and meals, visit Training Resources.

Clarke also offers virtual training classes.  Please contact Clarke's training manager for more details.  

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