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August 11, 2021

Dear Valued Customer:

Clarke Fire Protection Products is proud to announce the formal release of our new UL Listed and FM Approved C32H0 series fire pump engines. The C32H0 series engines have been developed using the renowned 32-liter Caterpillar® engine platform which is synonymous for its performance and reliability across a range of demanding applications worldwide.

Clarke’s decision to expand our Caterpillar® based offering is in response to customer demand for greater choice of engine selection for large capacity fire pump applications. The C32H0 series will be available in both standard constant speed format or with a variable speed (PLD) configuration.

Constant Speed Models

These electronic engines can be installed globally and have emissions which meet the requirements for installations in the United States and US territories. Clarke’s new C32H0 series engines have been designed for robust industrial, commercial, and heavy duty fire pump applications. Immediately available, Clarke’s new C32H0 constant speed engines are rated between 750 bhp/559 kW @ 1470 RPM and 1200 bhp/894 kW @ 2100 RPM. Below is an overview of the available ratings:


Variable Speed (PLD) Models

Clarke’s new C32H0-D Discharge Pressure Limiting Driver models (PLD), are also available for installations in the US and US territories, with a set point pressure which can be factory set between 100-190 psi. The C32H0-D variable speed engines are rated between 750 bhp/559 kW @ 1470 RPM and 1200 bhp/894 kW @ 2100 RPM, as shown here: 




C32H0-S (suction) and -DS (discharge & suction) Pressure Limiting models are not currently available.    

Please remember to always use the Clarke PLD-D calculator on to verify if the PLD-D engine will work in your specific application. 

Both new engine series have been previously communicated via Clarke’s 2021 price update to customers buying directly from Clarke USA, and will be reflected on Clarke’s weekly lead time sheet.   Should you need additional pricing or general information on these engines, please feel free to contact us directly or reference, which has been updated to support these new models.