Clarke PLD...good under pressure!


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  • JU6H-UFADR0-D  





    The Clarke PLD equipped engine is a UL/FM* certified diesel engine fire pump driver which reduces pump speed to limit the maximum pump discharge pressure to prevent over-pressurization of the sprinkler system.
    Clarke PLD-D equipped electronic engine models can be Factory Set to limit discharge pressure at any specific pressure between 100 psi and 350 psi. (Note: This Factory Set point is not field adjustable).
    The PLD-D senses sprinkler system water pressure via a transducer installed in a sensing line connected to the pump discharge pipe (between the pump flange and the discharge check valve), and speed changes are accomplished by the engine ECM (Electronic Control Module).
    A PLD-D model engine requires a controller equipped with visible and audible alarms to comply with NFPA 20 (2003) Par (8).
    When using a Clarke PLD equipped engine, NFPA 20 (2003) requires the installation of a pressure relief valve.