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SUBJECT: NPB0026 PLD Engine Update            

March 22, 2016 

Mechanical PLD’s 

As communicated within the 2016 pricing release, all mechanical PLD engine models had been removed from the pricing overview, but can be quoted per request.

We mistakenly thought that it would be helpful as well to remove all mention of these engines from the website, but this only furthered the confusion.

Effective immediately, all mechanical PLD engines have been added back to the website, the PLD calculator, and your price sheets (please refer to attachments).

Clarke electronic PLD’s can operate at 1760, 2100, and 2350 RPM, however in the U.S. and U.S. territories, the models below can only be sold at 2100 and 2350 RPM. 








SUBJECT: NPB0024 KA4H-UFKA24 Update             

March 22, 2016 

Our first batch of KA4H-UFKA24 engines have been produced and shipped. This non-emissionized engine is rated at 45 bhp @ 2800 rpm and 45 bhp @ 3000 rpm.

Key Changes

  • Due to the size of the flywheel, a torsional coupling is currently not available. Therefore, we will not have a vertical turbine version of this engine. We have removed all vertical turbine options on the updated pricing sheet.
  • The standard flex exhaust was originally stated as being 3", however we have been able to reduce the size to a 2.5".
  • This engine has a unique low fuel pressure alarm, which must be tested during the engine start-up procedure. 

SUBJECT: NPB0023 Energized to Stop (ETS) Update             

March 22, 2016

In 2015, Clarke began the process of transitioning all US built JU4H, JU4R, JU6H, and JU6R mechanical engines from an Energized to Run (ETR) fuel system to an Energized to Stop (ETS) fuel system.   

ETS Fuel System

  • The engine will start and reach its rated speed without needing to energize any electrical component(s).
  • Engine requires power to shutdown, from the engine instrument panel or the fire pump controller.
  • Engine also is supplied with an emergency stop knob. 
ETR Fuel System
  • Electrical component(s) must be energized to reach rated speed.
  • Engine also is supplied with an emergency stop knob.

There are unique differences between Energized to Run (ETR) and Energized to Stop (ETS) engines.  

(1) ETS engines must have Terminal 12 in the engine instrument panel wired to Terminal 12 in the diesel engine controller in order to stop the engine. The Terminal 1 connection is still required. ETR engines do not require the use of Terminal 12 and should not be wired. Please refer to the appropriate wiring diagram provided in the document pouch with each engine.

(2) ETS JU4/JU6 models have an emergency stop knob to be used if the ETS solenoid fails to stop the engine. ETR engines do not have an emergency stop knob, since the engine will stop when power is removed.  

Overcrank Test
The procedure for conducting the overcrank test on an ETS engine has changed. All Energized to Stop (ETS) engines now include an emergency stop knob which must be pulled out and held during the 6 start attempt during the overcrank test. This allows the engine to crank, but will prevent the engine from starting by holding the fuel solenoid in the no-fuel position. No engine wiring should be disconnected during this process.

SUBJECT:  NPB0022 DS0R Baseplate Requirement

March 22, 2016

Clarke has three series of UL Listed, FM Approved engines with available radiator cooling packages. 

For the JU4R and JU6R engines, the radiator mounting configuration allows for the radiator to sit atop mounting brackets affixed directly to the engine feet.

Due to the physical size and weight of the radiator cooling packages for the DS0R engines, the radiator must be mounted directly onto either a horizontal split case (HSC) or a vertical turbine (VT) base.

Therefore, the base is a mandatory option for the DS0R-UFAA67 and DS0R-UFAA59 models.


SUBJECT:  Announcement

Friday, March 13, 2015

We are pleased to announce the promotion of John Whitney III to the position of Customer Support Manager for Clarke Fire Protection Products and Clarke Power Generation.  John will be taking over for the semi-retiring David Scholten, who has graciously agreed to bridge the immediate resource gap that the company has for training.  We greatly appreciate David and John’s diligent work on this planned succession over the last three years, which resulted in an orderly and seamless transition. David steps into his new training role, leaving John and the company with a “Best in Class” customer support department, a strategic advantage for Clarke, currently supporting over 85,000 units and providing service for over 300 signed dealers worldwide.

 Dianne B. Lotz

Human Resources

Clarke Power Services, Inc.

Clarke Fire Protection Products, Inc.

Clarke Power Generation, Inc.

SUBJECT: Product Update

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Please re-review the August 2012 price release, specifically for the following two Clarke models: DP6H-UFAA62 rated at 300 bhp @ 2350 rpm and the DR8H-UFAA40 rated at 460 bhp @ 1760 rpm, 490 bhp @ 2100 and @ 2350 rpm. Please make sure that your pricing is correct for these models as their prices were lowered at that time.


New for 2013, we’ve released a new listed DQ series engine, the DQ6H-UFAA40 rated at 310 bhp @ 2100 rpm. We have received the listing for this engine and included pricing in the attachment. 

JU6R Series 

On the new pricing, we are pleased to release two new series of engines: the JU6R (radiator) and DT2H series. We previously released the non-listed JU6R radiator cooled engines and have now received our UL Listing and FM Approval on the majority of our JU6R series engines. Only the listed engines will be released. 

Radiator cooled engines are available for all applications and should be considered for when there are concerns of water quality. For engines outside the JU4R and JU6R range of UL Listed and FM Approved engines, Clarke is able to provide radiator cooling as a non-listed engine. These new radiator models are designed for installation outside the United States and United States territories.

DT2H Series

On the new pricing we are introducing three new DT2H models which cover the 617 to 800 horsepower range and which include dry exhaust manifolds. Our previously released DT2H engine models which cover the 800 to 1,025 horsepower range have wet exhaust manifolds. Here is an overview of all the DT2H engines available in 2013:

Engine Model

Certified Speed (RPM) & Power Rating (BHP/KW)




DT2H-UFAA20 (dry)




DT2H-UFAA58 (dry)




DT2H-UFAA50 (dry)




DT2H-UFAA60 (wet)




DT2H-UFAA98 (wet)




DT2H-UFAA92 (wet)




Both the new JU6R and DT2H engines are designed for installations outside the United States and United States territories (Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam and the Marianas Islands). 

Torsional Coupling

To provide a more cost effective torsional coupling, we have released another torsional coupling series and reduced the price on many of our current torsional couplings! This new line of torsional couplings will be called the YFC series. The most significant difference between the YFC series and the current (TC) torsional couplings is the YFC series has a shorter overall width. With the purchase of either of our torsional couplings (YFC or TC series) we can provide a 2 mass torsional analysis at no charge. 

From the 2013 Edition of the NFPA 20 Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection, chapter, {"For vertical turbine pumps using angle gear drivers driven by a diesel engine, a torsional vibration damping type coupling shall be used and mounted on the engine side of the driver shaft".} Chapter states {"The torsional vibration damping type coupling shall be permitted to be omitted when a mass elastic system torsional analysis is provided and accepted by the authority having jurisdiction."} 

Sea Water Compatible Heat Exchanger 

There is also a new option for the DP, DQ, DR, DS, and DT Dry series engine for a sea water compatible heat exchanger. All other Clarke engine series use a heat exchanger which is sea water compatible. When using sea water to cool the engine, you also need to use either a sea water compatible or 316 stainless steel cooling loop. Both these options are available through Clarke.

Engine Only Enclosures

Also, included on the price list are the standard prices for our new Weatherproof and Sound Attenuated engine only enclosures. Sound Attenuated enclosures have an estimated 85 dBA at 1 meter (reference Engine Enclosure Noise Estimate document C13218). 

The standard engine only enclosure price includes the enclosure, base, cooling loop, batteries, driveshaft and silencer. The enclosures can only be sold with a new engine. We have several options available for these enclosures, so please contact us with your special request and we can work up a customized quote for you! 

Large Horsepower Engines

We have two new series (M02H and MV6H) of high horsepower engines. These engines are non-listed for NFPA20 applications rated between 1,110 bhp to 2,376 bhp, and are available for installations outside the United States and United States territories. Attached is a brochure for these new models. Please contact Clarke on pricing for these engines. The ratings for these non-listed engines, produced from our facility in Cincinnati, already have a published 10% deduction in power so they can be used for sizing to maximum pump load (not including altitude and temp derate) as required for NFPA applications. 

2013 Emissions

There has been some misunderstanding and confusion regarding the 2013 emissions changes for installations in the United States and United States territories. Firstly, all Clarke engines are available for installations outside the  

United States and United States territories. Beginning on January 1, 2013 all engines between 0 and 750 horsepower must meet the EPA NSPS (40 CFR 60 Subpart IIII) regulation, Tier 3, emission requirement.

The only exception to this rule is for emergency stationary fire pump engines with a rated speed greater than 2650 rpm and nameplate power rating between 50hp and 100hp. For this exception, the JU4H-UF14, JU4H-UFAB26, JU4H-UF24, JU4R-UF13 and the JU4R-UF23 will remain available for installation in the United States and United States Territories until the end of 2013. 

3000 rpm Engines

Our 2012 engine model year inventory of high speed JU4H-UF34, JU4H-UF54, and JU6H-UF34 engines, for US installations, are sold out. 

It’s very important to know that we have not discontinued any of our 3,000 rpm engine series models and they are fully available for installations outside the United States and United States territories.

We realize that there is a lot of information included with this letter. If you should have any questions regarding the new products and/or pricing, please give us a call or an e-mail and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible.


SUBJECT:  New Listed and Non-Listed engine models, New Torsional Couplings, and New Sea Water Heat Exchanger options

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


New Listed Models
The new listed heat exchanger cooled engine being released is the DQ6H-UFAA40, rated at 310 bhp @ 2100 rpm. The listing is currently pending approval, therefore if an order is received for a DQ6H-UFAA40 prior to the listing being available, we will ship a DQ6H-UFAA50 in its place, at no additional charge.


Engine Model





310 / 231


New Non-Listed Models
We are also releasing a new series of non-listed radiator cooled engines (JU6R Series) for export applications only, rated from 109 bhp to 260 bhp. The ratings for the non-listed engines, produced from our facility in Cincinnati, already have a published 10% deduction in power so they can be used for sizing to maximum pump load (not including altitude and temp derate) as required for NFPA-20 applications. Listed models will be available in the future.


Engine Model













107 / 80

139 / 104

141 / 105









141 / 105

139 / 104





92 / 69

137 / 102

155 / 115.5

153 / 114









153 / 114

151 / 113










148 / 110

146 / 109

161 / 120


128 / 95.5

146 / 109









170 / 127









170 / 127

168 / 125

166 / 124









166 / 124

164 / 122





134 / 100

172 / 128









172 / 128

202 / 151

193 / 144









193 / 144

191 / 142





136 / 101

180 / 134









180 / 134

205 / 153

203 / 151









203 / 151

201 / 150










204 / 152

202 / 151

202 / 151


170 / 127

195 / 145









195 / 145

232 / 173

228 / 170









228 / 170

226 / 168.5





215 / 160










222 / 165.5









247 / 184










252 / 188












235 / 175

245 / 183

260 / 194


A new series of high HP, heat exchanger cooled engines, are also available for NFPA-20 export market applications: 


Engine Model








1110 / 828

1281 / 955



1370 / 1022

1410 / 1051


1024 / 763.5

1486 / 1108

1608 / 1199


1195 / 891

1730 / 1290

1890 / 1409


1365 / 1018

1975 / 1473

2133 / 1590


1499 / 1118

2011 / 1500

2266 / 1690



2181 / 1626

2376 / 1772


All engine information is available on our website,

New Torsional Coupling Model
To provide a more cost effective product for our customers we have released another series of torsional couplings, called the YFC series. The most significant difference between the YFC series and the current (TC series) torsional couplings is the YFC series has a shorter overall width. A torsional vibration analysis (TVA) must be completed on every engine driven vertical turbine pump application, by the pump manufacturer as per NFPA 20. With the purchase of either of our torsional couplings (YFC or TC series), when purchased with one of our engine models; we will provide a 2 mass torsional analysis (TVA) at no charge.

New Sea Water Heat Exchanger
There is also a new option for the DP, DQ, DR and DS Series engine for a sea water compatible heat exchanger. Our other engine series use a heat exchanger which is already sea water compatible. When using sea water to cool the engine, you also need to use either a sea water compatible or 316 stainless steel cooling loop. Both these options are available through Clarke.

SUBJECT:  New Engine Models

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Clarke Fire Protection Products, Inc., and Clarke UK Ltd., is excited to announce a new range of engines available for installation outside the continental United States and respective territories.  The UL Listed, FM Approved, DR8H and DS0H Non-Emissionized engines, will be available for new orders, with shipments beginning on April 1, 2012.


Below is an overview of the power and speed ranges available: 


Product Rated             Power, hp Rated     Power, kW Rated    Speed, r/min
DR8H-UFAA40                 385                         287                            1470
DR8H-UFAA40                 460                         343                            1760
DR8H-UFAA40                 472                         352                            1900
DR8H-UFAA40                 490                         365                            2100
DR8H-UFAA40                 490                         365                            2350
DR8H-UFAA5G                450                         336                            1470
DR8H-UFAA68                 495                         369                            1760
DR8H-UFAA62                 497                         371                            1900
DR8H-UFAA62                 500                         373                            2100
DR8H-UFAA62                 500                         373                            2350
DS0H-UFAAN0                 542                         404                           1760
DS0H-UFAAN0                 575                         429                           1900
DS0H-UFAAN0                 575                         429                           2100
DS0H-UFAA68                  522                        390                           1470
DS0H-UFAA68                  587                        438                           1760
DS0H-UFAA60                  600                        447                           1900
DS0H-UFAA60                  614                        458                           2100
DS0H-UFAA60                  606                        452                           2350


SUBJECT:  Emissionized engines for 2012

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Subject: Emissionized engines for 2012 


Beginning January 1, 2012 engines with horse powers from 175 bhp to 600 bhp with rpms from 2651 rpm and higher must meet US EPA NSPS emission levels using a Tier 3 engine.  Clarke will not have a high speed Tier 3 diesel fire pump driver available for installations in the United States and United States Territories. 


It is important for pump dealers installing engines in the United States and United States Territories to review their orders to make sure they do not have any quotes for jobs using the JU6H-UF34 rated at 175 bhp @ 3000 rpm, the JU6H-UF54 rated at 216 bhp @ 3000 rpm and the JU6H-UF84 rated at 275 bhp @ 3000 rpm that would be installed in the United States and United States Territories after Jan 1, 2012.  The JU6H-UF34, the JU6H-UF54 and the JU6H-UF84 are not being discontinued and they will still be available for Export installations outside of the United States and outside of United States Territories.


Because our lead times for these high speed engines have been extended it is unlikely that we will have any 2011 JU6H-UF34, JU6H-UF54 or JU6H-UF84 engines available in 2012 to satisfy an order being installed in the United States and United States Territories.  The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the upcoming emission regulations, so you will not be caught off guard with the changes for 2012.


SUBJECT:  NFPA Conference

Monday, May 16, 2011

Please join us at Booth #265 at the NFPA Conference in Boston at the Boston Convention Center on June 12-14, 2011.

Pre-Registration for all classes required.  Registration request can be sent to

Pump Dealer Start-Up Training

The Clarke service training class will consist of instruction on the start-up procedures for mechanical fuel injection and electronic fuel injection engines. It will include NFPA application requirements and hands-on live engine operation.


Sessions: Sunday, June 12th 1pm-3pm and  Monday, June 13th 8:30am-10:30am, Classroom 103  


Pump Dealer Advanced Diagnostic Training

The Clarke service training will cover the operation, failure diagnosis and solutions for electronic fuel injection engine. Attendees must attend the start-up class to attend this advanced session.


Session:  Tuesday, June 14th 8:00am-9:30am, Classroom 103  


The U.S. Electric Grid History and Metrics to Evaluate Reliability  

An overview of the history of the U.S. Electric Grid, including how legislation has evolved to help manage the rapidly growing electrical grid network.   This 1 hour seminar will also focus on threats to the existing power grid and how certain metrics have been developed to evaluate the grid’s reliability.


Sessions:  Monday, June 13th 10am-11am and Tuesday, June 14th 9am-10am , Classroom 102A



SUBJECT:  New Coolant Tank (NPB-002)

Monday, May 16, 2011

This notice is to inform you that effective June 1st Clarke UK will begin fitting a new coolant tank (C051710) to replace the current coolant tank (C05444) that has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  The new tank will increase the overall length of the engines by 84 mm (3.31").  Then engine series affected are UK built JU4H-UF, JU4H-LP, JU4H-AP, JU4H-NL, JU6H-UF, JU6H-LP, JU6H-AP, and JU6H-NL.  This will NOT affect JU4H-EN, JU6H-EN, all JW6H, of all US built engines.  The performance and operation of the engines is not affected.


The following installation drawings published on our website will be updated to reflect the change:


D545 - JU4H-UF

UD124 - JU4H-LP

UD131 - JU4H-AP

D252 - JU4H-NL

D538 - JU6H-UF

UD125 - JU6H-LP

UD132 - JU6H-AP

D526 - JU6H-NL  


SUBJECT:  Engine Installation Drawings

Tuesday, March 11, 2011 

Now you can download both .pdf and .dwg versions of our engine installation drawings. Simply “mouse over Products, then in the pop up window, under engines, move your mouse pointer down to engine installation drawings and click on it.  On the next screen, find your engine series and choose between a .dwg version or .pdf version to download




SUBJECT:  Range Rating



Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Beginning April 4th Clarke will be shipping all engines at one rated speed. Currently, Clarke provides most mechanical engines with a nameplate that is range rated or is stamped with an adjacent rated speed. 


There are extra testing requirements to range rate an engine and not all Clarke engines are capable of being range rated, therefore the standard will be to provide a single rated speed as requested on the order.  Range rating will remain an option for engines that are capable of being range rated.   


SUBJECT:  New PLD ratings available for the US & US Installations


Tuesday, March 08, 2011                             


Clarke is pleased to announce that we will now be able to re-release some PLD (Pressure Limiting Drivers) engines at 2100 rpm.  Last year due to some EPA concerns we had to remove some 1760 rpm and 2100 rpm ratings for many of our Tier 3 PLD engines.


Starting today, Clarke will now be able to sell the PLD models: JU6H-UFADP0(-D,-S or –DS), UFADQ0(-D,-S or –DS), UFADR0(-D,-S or –DS), UFADS0(-D,-S or –DS) and UFADT0(-D,-S or –DS) at 2100 rpm.  The PLD calculator on our website has been updated to allow for these models to be tested at 2100 rpm.


The constant speed (non-PLD) versions of these engines have always been available. 


SUBJECT: Discontinuation of the JX6H-UF40, JX6H-UF50, JX6H-UF60 and JX6H-UF70

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Clarke will be discontinuing the JX6H-UF40, JX6H-UF50, JX6H-UF60 and JX6H-UF70 engines.  We had planned to discontinue the engines towards the end of the year with a slow transition to the equivalent Tier 3 engines.  However, we have gone through our stock quicker than we had anticipated.  At the time of this letter there were 9 engines left.


Once the JX6H-UF40, JX6H-UF50, JX6H-UF60 and JX6H-UF70 run out we will transition into the below equivalent models:  




Engine Model

1470 RPM

1760 RPM

2100 RPM

Transition Model

1470 RPM

1760 RPM

2100 RPM


































































Therefore orders for the JX6H-UF40 engine will be transitioned into the JX6H-UFADF0.  Orders for the JX6H-UF50 and JX6H-UF60 will be transitioned into the JX6H-UFAD60.  Orders for the JX6H-UF70 will be transitioned into the JX6H-UFADN0.  However, if the JX6H-UF70 horsepower, at 1760 rpm, is required to be between 543 and 575 horsepower, we will transition you into the JX6H-UFADP0 (the pump m/n, pressure, flow and maximum horsepower will be required on the PO for us to use the JX6H-UFADP0 engine).


For JX6H-UF40, UF50, UF60 and UF70 orders received before January 1, 2011, with destinations outside the United States, we will price the JX6H-UFADF0 at the JX6H-UF40 price, the JX6H-UFAD60 at the JX6H-UF50 or the JX6H-UF60 pricing (depending on your horsepower requirement), the JX6H-UFADN0 (and in some cases the JX6H-UFADP0) at the JX6H-UF70 price.


The engines have the same foot print, but there are some differences most notably the location of the heat exchanger and the flex exhaust, in addition the exhaust sizes are larger for the JX6H-UFAD engines.  Please review all of the dimensions for the JX6H-UFAD engine to make sure you do not have any installation issues.  We apologize for the inconvenience and we will do what we can to assist you with this transition. 



SUBJECT:  New Instrument Panel & Cooling Loop Pressure Gauge

Tuesday August 17, 2010


Instrument Panel


Clarke is pleased to announce that beginning in September we will be releasing our new upgraded instrument panel for engines shipped out of the USA. 


The new instrument panel will feature the much requested front opening door for easier access when wiring the engine.  Also, to assist with wiring, we have replaced our current terminal strip with a new DIN rail and have eliminated the ‘W’ terminal to prevent accidental wiring to this circuit.

Cooling Loop Pressure Gauge


For customers that order our cooling loop option, we have upgraded our pressure gauge mounted on the cooling loop.  The gauge is larger and now liquid filled, for better durability during transport and for normal usage. 



We hope you will be pleased with the new upgrades as we thank you for your continued business!


SUBJECT:  2010 Engines for California Installations

Monday, July 26, 2010

2010 Engines for California Installations

We have added a 2010 – California Installed Section to our website.   Since emission regulations in California are slightly different than the rest of the USA there is a different set of engines that are available for 2010 California Installations.  This new section will help clarify which Clarke engine models are suitable for 2010 USA Installed (not California installed) and which Clarke models are suitable for 2010 California Installed. 

You can find this new Engine Section by resting your mouse pointer on Products and then navigate your mouse pointer thru the drop down windows by pointing to:  Engines / UL-FM USA Purchased / 2010 California Installed.

We have also added a 2010 – California Installed selection to UL-FM USA Purchased Engine Selection Program found on our home page of the website.

SUBJECT:  Revised availabilty of Tier 3 and PLD Models for US and US Territory Installations

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Clarke is pleased to announce that we have re-released many of the Tier 3 and PLD ratings for installations in the United States and United States Territories. 


Below is the revised list of models and ratings which can now be used for installations within the US and US Territories.



      Tier 3                            Certified Horsepower Ratings

 Engine Models                        2100     2350     2400

JU6H-UFADP0                           209       211       211

JU6H-UFADQ0                           224       226       226

JU6H-UFADR0                           238       240       240

JU6H-UFADS0                           260       268       268

JU6H-UFADT0                           274       275       275


PLD-D, -S, & -DS                Certified Horsepower Ratings

Engine Models                         2100     2350     2400

JU4H-UFADJG-D                        120       123       123

JU4H-UFADJG-S                        120       123       123

JU4H-UFADJG-DS                      120       123       123

JU6H-UFADP0-D                                    211       211

JU6H-UFADP0-S                                    211       211

JU6H-UFADP0-DS                                  211       211

JU6H-UFADQ0-D                                    226       226

JU6H-UFADQ0-S                                    226       226

JU6H-UFADQ0-DS                                  226       226

JU6H-UFADR0-D                                    240       240

JU6H-UFADR0-S                                    240       240

JU6H-UFADR0-DS                                  240       240

JU6H-UFADS0-D                                    268       268

JU6H-UFADS0-S                                    268       268

JU6H-UFADS0-DS                                  268       268

JU6H-UFADT0-D                                     275       275

JU6H-UFADT0-S                                     275       275

JU6H-UFADT0-DS                                   275       275

JW6H-UFADD0-D                       351

JW6H-UFADD0-S                       351

JW6H-UFADD0-DS                     351

JX6H-UFADK0-D                         526

JX6H-UFADK0-S                         526

JX6H-UFADK0-DS                       526


To help you verify which engines can be installed in the US and US Territories, we have also attached the most current US/US Territory installed engine summary sheets.


There have been some questions regarding our electronic PLD nomenclature.  There are 3 versions of our electronic PLD models: -D for discharge pressure control, -S for suction pressure control, and –DS for both discharge and suction pressure control.



Thursday, May 27, 2010


This bulletin is to inform you of the possibility of excessive pipe thread sealant inside some Clarke supplied cooling loop assemblies.


Pipe sealant has the potential to break free along with other debris and collect in the cooling loop strainers which could result in a cooling loop water flow restriction leading to an engine overheating condition.  The presence of external pipe thread sealant is a normal condition and does not necessarily indicate excessive internal pipe thread sealant.


To ensure proper engine performance, make sure that the system is installed according to NFPA 20, and maintained according to the manufacture’s installation and operation manuals and NFPA 25.


Additionally, Clarke recommends removing, inspecting, and cleaning both cooling loop strainer screens and flushing water out of the strainer wye before and after the initial start up, and before every weekly test run.  


It may also be necessary to remove/inspect and clean the screens (if so equipped) in both pressure regulators and make sure there is no debris obstructing the operation of the regulator and the flow of cooling water. 


Proper system maintenance does not require the disassembly of the cooling loop.  


If you have any questions regarding this service bulletin, please call or e-mail customer support.



Thursday, May 20, 2010


Last week Clarke released a new series of high horsepower engines available for production beginning on 1 June 2010.  Our new DT2H series consists of four models: UFAA30, UFAA60, UFAA98 and UFAA92.  Clarke has received the FM approvals and Clarke is waiting for the UL Listings to post soon. 


There is one significant change for the DT2H series engines; Clarke will not be releasing the DT2H-UFAA30 model rated at 640 bhp @ 1470 rpm, 700 bhp @ 1760 rpm and 755 bhp @ 2100 rpm.  Please eliminate this model as a selection in your pump catalog or configurator.


One other item was pointed out to us regarding the pricing.  The JU6H-UFAAQ8, the JU6H-UFAARG, the JW6H-UFAAM8 and the JW6H-UFAA80 were mistakenly labeled as Tier 3 engines; they are non-emissionized engines and should only be used for installations outside the United States and United States Territories.


We apologize for the above mentioned changes.  If you should have any questions regarding this letter, please call or e-mail me back. 


Monday, May 10 2010


Clarke is pleased to announce that we have received our FM approvals for our new line of high horsepower engines and expect to receive the UL listings soon.  These engines have the highest listed horsepowers available covering a range from 700 to 1025 bhp.  These engines are intended for installations outside the United States and United States Territories only.


Clarke will be able to take orders for the engines starting on June 1, 2010 with a lead time of 12 weeks. 


Drawings and installation data will be made available on the website this week.  If you have any current needs for specific data, please contact us and we will see what we can do to help you out.

SUBJECT:  US EPA Pending Policy

Wednesday, April 28, 2010



Effective immediately and until further notice, the following Clarke fire pump models can only be sold for export and cannot be installed in the United States or United States Territories:


Engine Model                       1760        2100        2350

JU4H-UFADJG                         109          120          123

JU6H-UFADP0                          220          209          211

JU6H-UFADQ0                                          224          226

JU6H-UFADR0                                          238          240

JU6H-UFADS0                                          260          268

JU6H-UFADT0                          220          274          275

JW6H-UFADD0                                         324          351


PLD Discharge

& Suction Models        1760    2100      2350

JU4H-UFADJG-D                     109          120          123

JU4H-UFADJG-S                     109          120          123

JU6H-UFADP0-D                     220          209          211

JU6H-UFADP0-S                     220          209          211

JU6H-UFADQ0-D                                     224          226

JU6H-UFADQ0-S                                     224          226

JU6H-UFADR0-D                                     238          240

JU6H-UFADR0-S                                     238          240

JU6H-UFADS0-D                                     260          268

JU6H-UFADS0-S                                     260          268

JU6H-UFADT0-D                     220          274          275

JU6H-UFADT0-S                     220          274          275

JW6H-UFADD0-D                                    324          351

                                                JW6H-UFADD0-S                                    324          351


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we will do what we can to assist you with this situation.



February 22, 2010


Effective immediately, the Tier 3 JU4H-UFAD98 engine model, rated at 173 HP @ 1760 RPM, is not available for purchase.  For applications requiring a similar horsepower requirement, Clarke Fire Protection Products recommends using:


        JU6H-UFAD58 for 183 HP @ 1760 RPM


Within the next couple of months we plan to have a new UL/FM model:


       JU4H-UFADY8 for 157 bhp @ 1760 RPM


We still plan on having the JU4H-UFAD98, but we cannot give you an estimate to when it will become available.


We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause for you and your customers.  Once a four cylinder alternative is available for purchase, we will send an immediate notice. 


SUBJECT:  New Engine Models and Discontinued Engine Models for 2010

January 13, 2010


Effective Jan 1, 2010, fire pump engines in the United States and the United States Territories (Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands) are now required to be Tier 3 from 100 to 750 bhp for engines speeds less than 2651 rpm.   We have added 7 new Tier 3 models between 100 and 173 horsepower. We have also just received formal UL and FM Certifications on these new models.  We will be able to take orders for these new JU4H Tier 3 models beginning Feb 1 for shipments starting the 3rd week of March.  We have some remaining JU4H Tier 1 NSPS Compliant 2009 manufacturered engines in the 100 to 175 bhp range available for sale until the new Tier 3 engines become available.   We will keep an availability list for these remaining 2009 engines, which will be sold on a first come basis.


           New Models        1760       2100      2350 

              JU4H-UFAD4G        100         101         105

              JU4H-UFAD5G        110         113         118

              JU4H-UFADJG        109         120         123

              JU4H-UFADP0        121         125         130

              JU4H-UFADR0        113         136         140

              JU4H-UFADW8       144

              JU4H-UFAD98         173 


Effective immediately we are discontinuing 3 engine models. 


            Discontinued Models         1760       2100       2350

                JU6H-UFADK0                        168         173         175

            JW6H-UFADB0                           289

            JX6H-UF30                      420      430 


We have a few JX6H-UF30 engines in stock in case there are some pending quotes also available on a first come basis.  We do not have any JU6H-UFADK0 or JW6H-UFADB0 available.


SUBJECT:  Clarke Engine Selection/Derate Calculator and Interpolation Program - USA/UK

November 4 2009

Clarke is pleased to announce the release of our new and improved Engine Selection / Derate Calculator / Speed Interpolator on our website. We have added another feature to this program that will allow it to now perform speed interpolations for “Speed Range Rated” engines. This means this new and improved program has the ability to make the best engine selection at an Interpolated Speed even when you have derates for Altitude, Temperature and Right Angle Gear Loss (if any).

The new Engine Selection Program is based upon the market you are selling into and the engines available with-in that market. For example the market: USA Purchased, 2009, Heat Exchanger Cooled, USA Installed has a different group of engines with-in it than the market: USA Purchased, Heat Exchanger Cooled, Export and therefore the best engine selection for a Fire Pump maximum hp at a specific speed as well as the applicable derates for Altitude, Ambient Temperature and Right Angle Gear Loss may be different.

You can find the link to this new program on our home page under the Engine Selection Tools menu selection.

Give it a try.


SUBJECT:  CARB Engine Model Summary Sheets for California Installations 


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We have created a new 2009 Engine Model Summary sheet for our family of CARB Tier 3 Certified Engines.  Note that some models are not available for California at all published speeds.  To view this new Summary Sheet from the home page, highlight Engines and then in the drop down list choose Engine Summaries.  (Note the Model Year is based upon the John Deere manufacturing date of the engine.)




  Monday, August 10, 2009


LPS1239 Specification Engines

SITUATION:  Reference our earlier news item – dated Thursday, February 5, 2009. 


Certain John Deere CD4045TF254 Engines with 3000 RPM operating speeds in Clarke UK fire pump diesel engine drivers have experienced balancer shaft failures, resulting in complete engine failures.


CORRECTION:  As a result of this issue a programme of corrective actions has been undertaken to rework the engines with a revised balancer shaft configuration, along with a revision to the engine mounting system, which has been developed and verified for the 3000 RPM Clarke UK fire pump diesel engine application. 


A list of all the affected engines including serial numbers are provided on the attached list.


Clarke UK and John Deere confirm that the diesel engines noted on the attached list as “work complete” have been reworked as per the above stated campaign.


The engine(s) have been fully tested and signed off by all parties as satisfactory and returned to full service.


As per the terms of the John Deere Product Improvement Program 08CD229 each engine has been given a one year warranty (effective from the date of the rework), or the remainder of the original engine warranty, whichever is greater.


·        PIP Sticker placed on the side of the engine rocker cover above the oil fill.



Any users or installers of engines identified on this list where the work is not marked as "complete" should refer to the John Deere Product information dated Thursday, February 5, 2009 and contact us as soon as possible to arrange for this corrective action to be taken.



SUBJECT:  John Deere inspection campaign of Clarke UK model JU4H-LP54 LPCB Approved engines based upon the John Deere 4.5 liter turbocharged diesel engine.

Monday, August 10, 2009 

For the purposes of clarification this campaign was only applicable to 4045TF engine models produced by John Deere France


It did not apply to the 4045TF models produced by John Deere Mexico.


The manufacturing source can be identified by the prefix of the engine serial number on the engine block casting: 



CD4045T       -           SUPPLIED BY JOHN DEERE FRANCE  


To verify if your LPS Specification engine serial number has been inspected click here. 



SUBJECT:  John Deere inspection campaign of Clarke UK model JU4H-LP54 LPCB Approved engines based upon the John Deere 4.5 liter turbocharged diesel engine.

Thursday, February 5, 2009 

John Deere Power Systems (Usine de Saran, France) has initiated an inspection campaign for certain 4.5L turbocharged model CD4045TF254, Clarke UK model JU4H-LP54 LPCB approved fire pump engine. If you have installed one of these engines with a corresponding serial number contained on the list in the link below report your engine to Clarke UK as described below in step 4. You will subsequently be contacted to set up a schedule for the inspection of your engine.


These engines were manufactured by John Deere between October 2006 and June 2007. If the defect is present, failing components may not be contained within the engine. A list of all engines to be inspected, by serial number, can be found by clicking here.

The last six digits of the John Deere engine serial number is entered on the Clarke engine nameplate, located on the flywheel housing see link by clicking Figure 1. The entire John Deere engine serial number is located on the engine block (where). See link by clicking Figure 2.

If your engine is on the engine inspection list;

1.     To safeguard the health and safety of those in proximity to the pump set, Clarke is recommending and is in agreement with other bodies in the industry that “at risk” diesel drivers are not to be run until they have been inspected by John Deere. Therefore, stop routine testing of the engine, and minimize engine run time.

2.     Leave the fire pump controller in the Automatic Mode to ensure continued protection of the facility.

3.     Any starting and stopping of the engine should be performed at the controller.

4.     Report your engine to Clarke UK Ltd. please contact Duncan Murray, Customer Service

    a.     by telephone at +44.1236.717.560 

    b.    or e-mail at 

SUBJECT:  NFPA Exposition

Monday, March 3, 2009

Please join us at Booth 610 at the NFPA Exposition in Chicago June 8-10 2009.  




SUBJECT: Campaign for CD4045TF254 John Deere Engines in Clarke high speed fire pump applications  


 Monday, December 8, 2008  

John Deere Power Systems (Usine de Saran, France) has initiated an inspection campaign for certain 4.5L turbocharged model 4045TF254, Clarke models JU4R-UF23, JU4H-UF34, JU4R-UF53, JU4H-UF54, JU4H-NL34, JU4R-NL53, JU4H-NL54, and JU4H-AP54 fire pump engine drivers. If you have installed one of these engines with a corresponding serial number contained on the list in the link below report your engine to Clarke UK as described below. You will subsequently be contacted to set up a schedule for the inspection of your engine.


These engines were manufactured by John Deere between October 2006 and June 2007. If the defect is present, failing components may not be contained within the engine. A list of all engines to be inspected, by serial number, can be found by clicking here.

The last six digits of the John Deere engine serial number is entered on the Clarke engine nameplate, located on the flywheel housing see link by clicking Figure 1. The entire John Deere engine serial number is located on the engine block (where). See link by clicking Figure 2.

If your engine is on the engine inspection list report your engine to Clarke UK Ltd. please contact Duncan Murray, Customer Service; 
a.     by telephone at +44.1236.717.560 
    b.    or e-mail at  


SUBJECT: UL Listed Driveshafts now available as standard in the USA







Monday, February 2, 2009  


Clarke is is pleased to announce that not only are Clarke driveshaft’s now UL-listed, they are now available as standard with all Clarke Fire Pump Engines built in the USA.  Listed driveshaft’s will be available with engines built in the UK later this year.

Listed driveshaft’s have been required by NFPA 20 since 1996, and available from Clarke since 2008. Have you asked for UL-listed driveshaft’s with your diesel driven fire pump sets?



SUBJECT: Clarke UK Ltd will begin shipping engines with coolant January 13th 2009.

Monday, January 6, 2009  


Effective January 13th 2009, all engines shipped from Clarke UK Ltd. will contain a 50/50 Pre-mix of Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Coolant.  It is felt that this change will bring significant benefits such as:

1) Ensure the proper heavy duty coolant is being used in each Clarke engine and is being mixed to the recommended 50/50 mix using demineralized water.

2) Engine will be tested at Clarke with coolant so air in the coolant passageways will be bled from the engine.

3) Installing contractor no longer has to source the proper coolant and properly mix it using demineralized water.

4) Eliminate start up failures that sometimes occur which stem from electrically energizing the jacket water heater prior to putting coolant in the engine.

Note, coolant level should still always be rechecked and refilled and residual air should always be bled from the system (per the Operation Manual’s instructions) when commissioning the engine.



 SUBJECT: Clarke USA and Clarke UK Public Holidays

Thursday December 4, 2008 

                                              Public Holidays
                           (Clarke USA will be closed for Business)

2008        December 24th and 25th                         Christmas
               December 31st                                       New Years

2009        January 1st                                            New Years
               May 25th                                               Memorial Day
               July 4th                                                 Independence Day
               September 7th                                       Labor Day
               November 26th and 27th                         Thanksgiving
               December 24th and 25th                         Christmas

                                                 Public Holidays
                             (Clarke UK will be closed for Business)

2008        December 24th thru December 31st         Christmas & New Years
2009        January 1st thru January 4th                    New Years
               April 10th and April 13th                          Easter
               May 25th                                               Spring
               September 25th and September 28th       Autumn
               December 24th thru December 31st         Christmas and New Years

2010        January 1st thru January 4th                   New Years

 SUBJECT: Re-launch of Clarkefire web site

Wednesday October 16, 2008

Today we are pleased and excited to announce the re-launch of the web site.  

The new web site has been simplified and organized based upon the type of product (engines, PLD, couplings and driveshafts), additional technical information, location of service centers, contact information, etc. We trust you will find our new web site easier to use and simpler to navigate, while maintaining the high content focus you have become accustomed to enjoying.

Please try out the re-launched web site, and let us know of any comments you might have at 




SUBJECT:  UL Couplings and UL Driveshafts

Friday July 18, 2008

We have received mulitple inquires regarding the use of listed couplings for electric motors and listed driveshafts for diesel engines. We are providing this letter to eliminate the confusion on the issue.


Published in the NFPA 20 1996 edition section 3-5.1 (see attachment) it states that the pump and driver shall be connected by a flexible coupling or flexible connection shaft listed for this service. For several years no manufacturer developed a listed coupling or a listed flexible shaft. Since it was impossible for compliance for a listed coupling or driveshaft, non-listed driveshafts and couplings were accepted by specifying engineers, sprinkler contractors, AHJ and so on.


FM has been pushing to eliminate the use elastomeric couplings for fire protection because when these couplings fail there is no ability for the motor to operate the pump. To assist with FM's efforts and to also make available a product that complies with NFPA 20, Clarke decided to list a coupling for use with electric motors and list a driveshaft for use with a diesel engine.

UL Couplings

Clarke received the listing for the UL coupling in November of 2007 and they are now available at almost every pump manufacture either as a standard or an option depending how it was released. The UL Couplings are available for electric motors only, for diesel engines we have listed driveshafts.

UL Driveshafts

We have recently received our UL listing for driveshaft on May 30, 2008. There is a large difference between the standard driveshaft and the new UL driveshafts. The UL driveshafts require a 5000 hour safety margin which is forcing us to go up one series in driveshaft for almost all of our models. This means that when you use a UL driveshaft vs the current standard driveshaft the submittal drawings will be different.

In addition for vertical turbine configurations, you could use our standard length UL driveshaft or get a custom length up to 36 inches. We currently have in stock all the standard size UL driveshafts and can make available the custom size driveshafts within 4 weeks. Because we have the only UL driveshaft available for diesel engines, we have stocked up and will make the driveshafts available for competitive engines as well.


If you state, province or city uses a 1996 or newer edition of NFPA 20 then you would be required to use a listed coupling or driveshaft for your installation to comply with NFPA 20. The reason many areas are still allowing non-listed couplings and driveshafts, is because the AHJs are not aware there are listed products available. It would be up to you to determine if your area is now requiring listed couplings or driveshafts. 

 SUBJECT: Improved Wiring Loom

June 6, 2008

Beginning June 9th, 2008, all Clarke JU4, JU6 and JW6 engine models will begin being built with our improved wiring loom. We refer to this as our Euro-Harness. This will become the new standard for these engine models. 

 SUBJECT: UL Listed Driveshafts

May 30, 2008

Clarke is pleased to announce the release of its UL Listed Driveshafts for use with Diesel Fire Pump Engines. These Listed Driveshafts will handle diesel engine fire pump applications up to 467 bhp. For information and technical data on our new line of Listed Driveshafts choose Certified Driveshafts from our Home Page.

 SUBJECT: Certified Clarke Replacement Couplings Request

February 25, 2008

We have added an Online Form for submitting to Clarke a Request to Quote for a Certified Clarke Replacement Coupling for an installed Electric Motor Driven Fire Pump.

You will find this form by selecting the Certified Coupling button from our website home page, then choose Replacement Datasheet and then choose Online Form. Simply fill out the form as best possible and then Submit. You will be provided with a quote with-in 24 hours.







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